Review of Services

I never thought of paying someone to write my essays. But guess what? Here is the winner of a competition entitled: What’s the most stupid thing you’ve ever done to your written homework? Want to know what I did – I forgot about it! I have no idea how but I completely forgot about a 10 page case study on high risk daycare infections. It dawned on me that the deadline is tomorrow only when my classmate asked me to proofread her work.

Review of Services

So what did I have to do? I had 26 hours before the deadline and less than 100 dollars in my pocket. Maybe the right answer should have been “to ask for extension”, but my solution at that time was falling into the arms of essay services.

Nothing Boded Ill but Time was Running Out

Nobody had time for EssayBison reviews – I had to order fast. Luckily on their website you can do it in 3 clicks and 5 sentences:

  • type of paper + email – click 1
  • type title of paper and subject – click 2
  • confirm the writer – click 3

Time was my main concern and that’s why I waited exactly 10 minutes to preview the writers who wanted to write my project. I made sure that the writer (with positive customer reviews) was online at that time and that he was from Australia (meaning he would be up during this night) and clicked for the 4th time.

Review of Service

It was like in a haze. Never in all my school years have I felt so helpless and unable to control my results.

I could see on the online bar at as the writer was typing, talking to her would only steal time from my work. So in order to cope with stress I decided to talk to the customer support.

Free Psychological Comfort Together with Your Order

The girl from online chat was very nice – even though I already made an order and was now speculating about the worst outcome, she took her time to calm me down, told me about similar orders they completed not so long ago, and checked through her back office on the writer’s progress. Thanks to her I went to bed more or less reassured and calm.

Reviews of EssayBison Services

The Best Deadline Morning Ever

The next morning I woke up and saw a desired email in my box!!! I was so excited – it meant if I skipped the first hour I still had a couple of hours to proofread the text before submitting it, without having to rely solely on Essay Bison writing. This made me feel even better.

Review of EssayBison Services

So, is worth the money I spent? – Definitely yes. There’s no way I’d have written all that myself. Will I turn to EssayBison writing next time – in such situation yes. But if I have time I prefer to write my own papers.

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